Care plan

We aim to ensure that you receive the care that is most appropriate for you. A detailed care plan is prepared for each person who moves to Bethany House, which determines how we will try to meet individual needs. Regular assessments are made to ensure those needs are being met. We encourage participation by you and your relatives in the preparation of the care plan and in the ongoing reviews of care needs.

If you have a period of sickness, we will endeavour to offer care if it can be contained and dealt with by staff at that time. Within our resources, we are prepared to care for you through any final illness, but we do reserve the right to ask next of kin or a representative to relocate residents who are outside the scope of care and attention the home can offer.

The care plans, together with all confidential personal records, are kept securely. Your GP, district nurse, the registering authority and organisations conducting quality audits may need to see these.

You may register with a local GP or keep your own GP, provided he or she is willing to come and visit you at Bethany House, should the need arise.

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