Our charity

Preston Bethany Care is a Christian charitable company for the care of the elderly. We work partly through supporting projects in the community, such as at The Ascension Community Centre in Ribbleton, but our main role is providing residential care at Bethany House near Preston. The charity was established in the mid-1980s and has operated Bethany House since 1987.

Our trustees

The charity is run by trustees, who are volunteers from local churches, and providing high-quality, Christ-centred care is at the heart of what we do. We aim to demonstrate Christian care and compassion in a practical way to the elderly community in the Preston area.

Our Christian ethos

We believe that Christians are called to get involved in our society, especially with those in need. After all, that was what Jesus spent his time doing. Putting our faith into practice has always been one of the major motivating factors in the life of this organisation. You can read more about how we do this in our Christian ethos statement.

Would you like to be involved?

Do you have a vision for Christian care for the elderly? Is this your opportunity for Christian service in Preston? Could you be involved in the future of Preston Bethany Care? We’d love you to watch the video below and get in touch with us.

“The Christian ethos at Bethany House contributes to the good standards of care, and it is reassuring for family members to know that the residents’ spiritual as well as physical needs are cared for.”

— MP (resident)

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